7 CFR § 1410.13 - Grassland enrollments and permitted uses.

§ 1410.13 Grassland enrollments and permitted uses.

(a) Land may be enrolled in CRP under a grassland signup as specified in §§ 1410.30(c) and 1410.31(e) and (f).

(b) Grassland enrollments will generally be administered under all the provisions of this part, except where specific provisions apply only to grassland enrollments.

(c) Land enrolled in CRP under a grassland signup may be eligible for the Transition Incentives Program as specified in § 1410.64.

(d) The following activities may be permitted on grassland enrolled in CRP according to an approved conservation plan:

(1) Common grazing practices, including maintenance and necessary cultural practices, in a manner that is consistent with maintaining the viability of grassland, forb, and shrub species appropriate to the locality;

(2) Haying, mowing, or harvesting for seed production, subject to appropriate restrictions during the primary nesting season;

(3) Fire pre-suppression, fire-related rehabilitation, and construction of firebreaks;

(4) Grazing related activities, such as fencing and livestock watering facilities; and

(5) Other activities, when the manner, number, intensity, location, operation, and other features associated with such activity will not adversely affect the grassland resources or related conservation values protected under the CRP contract.