7 CFR § 1410.20 - Obligations of participant.

§ 1410.20 Obligations of participant.

(a) All participants subject to a CRP contract must agree to:

(1) Carry out the terms and conditions of such CRP contract;

(2) Implement the conservation plan, which is part of such CRP contract, in accordance with the schedule of dates included in such conservation plan unless CCC determines that the participant cannot fully implement the conservation plan for reasons beyond the participant's control, and CCC agrees to a modified plan; however, a contract will not be terminated for failure to establish an approved vegetative or water cover on the land if:

(i) The failure to plant or establish such approved cover was due to excessive rainfall, flooding, or drought;

(ii) The land subject to the CRP contract on which the participant could practicably plant or establish to such approved cover, is planted or established to such approved cover; and

(iii) The land on which the participant was unable to plant or establish such approved cover is planted or established to such approved cover after the wet or drought conditions that prevented the planting or establishment subside;

(3) Establish temporary vegetative cover either when required by the conservation plan or if the permanent approved cover cannot be timely established;

(4) Comply with part 12 of this title;

(5) Not allow grazing, harvesting, or other commercial or agricultural use of the land subject to such CRP contract, or the cover on such land, except as specified in this part;

(6) Establish and maintain the required vegetative or water cover and the required practices on the land subject to such CRP contract, and take other actions that may be required by CCC to achieve the desired environmental benefits, and to maintain the productive capability of the soil throughout the contract period;

(7) Comply with noxious weed laws of the applicable State or local jurisdiction on such land;

(8) Control, on land subject to such CRP contract, all weeds, insects, pests, and other undesirable species to the extent necessary to ensure that the establishment and maintenance of the approved cover as specified in the CRP conservation plan, and to avoid an adverse impact on surrounding land, taking into consideration water quality, wildlife, and other similar conservation factors;

(9) Be jointly and severally responsible, if the participant has a share of the annual rental payment greater than zero, with the other participants on the CRP contract, for compliance with the provisions of such CRP contract and the provisions of this part, and for any refunds or payment adjustments that may be required for violations of any of the terms and conditions of the CRP contract and this part; and

(10) On land devoted to trees, excluding windbreaks and shelterbelts, carry out thinning and similar conservation practices, as provided in the conservation plan to enhance the conservation benefits and wildlife habitat resources applicable to the CRP conservation practice on the land, and to promote forest management.

(b) [Reserved]