7 CFR § 1425.3 - Definitions.

§ 1425.3 Definitions.

The definitions in this section are applicable for all purposes of program administration. The terms defined in parts 718 of this title and parts 1421 and 1427 of this chapter are also applicable, except where those definitions conflict with the definitions in this section.

Active member is a member who has utilized the services offered by a CMA in one of the three preceding CMA fiscal years or such shorter period as may be provided in the CMA's articles of incorporation or bylaws.

Approved cooperative marketing association (CMA) is a cooperative approved by CCC to participate in MAL and LDP programs for any authorized commodity.

Authorized commodity is a commodity for which a CMA is approved by CCC to obtain MALs or LDPs.

Cooperative is a business owned and controlled by the producers who use its services and operated under generally accepted cooperative principles.

Eligible commodity is a commodity which meets the commodity's eligibility requirements set forth in chapter XIV of this title, and is produced and delivered to the CMA from a producer eligible for MALs or LDPs.

Loan deficiency payment (LDP) means a payment made in lieu of a MAL when the CCC-determined value, which is based on the current local price in a county, is below the applicable county loan rate. The payment is the difference between the two rates times the eligible quantity.

Loan pool is any CMA pool containing commodities used by the CMA to obtain either MALs or LDPs.

Market loan gain is the loan rate, minus the repayment rate on loans repaid at a rate that is less than the loan rate. The total of all market loan gains received by a producer for an applicable crop year cannot exceed the producer's applicable payment limitation as specified in part 1400 of this chapter. A producer's adjusted gross income must also be below the limit as specified in part 1400 of this chapter to receive a market loan gain.

Member is a producer who:

(a) Has fully paid for membership stock or earned equity credits in the CMA;

(b) Has executed a uniform marketing agreement with the CMA; and

(c) Is entitled to all CMA membership rights.

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