7 CFR § 1437.201 - Prevented planting acreage.

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§ 1437.201 Prevented planting acreage.

(a) In addition to the provisions of this section, the provisions of § 718.103 of this title apply.

(b) When determining losses under this section:

(1) Producers must be prevented from planting more than 35 percent of the total eligible acreage intended for planting to the eligible crop and in the case of multiple planting, more than 35 percent of the total eligible acres intended to be planted within the applicable planting period.

(2) Prevented planted acreage will be considered separately from low-yield losses of planted acreage of the same crop.

(c) Acreage and units ineligible for prevented planting coverage includes, but is not limited to:

(1) Value-loss crops, including, but not limited to, Christmas trees, aquaculture, and ornamental nursery;

(2) Tree crops and other perennials, unless:

(i) The producer can prove resources unique to the planting of tree crops and other perennials were available to plant, grow, and harvest the crop, as determined by FSA; and

(ii) FSA has approved the planting period for the crop;

(3) Uninsured crop acreage that is unclassified for insurance purposes;

(4) Any acreage on which a crop was harvested, hayed, or grazed during the crop year;

(5) Acreage of which the producer or any other person received a prevented planted payment for any crop for the same acreage, excluding share arrangements; and

(6) Acreage planted during the late-planting period.

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