7 CFR § 1780.83 - Bond transcript documents.

§ 1780.83 Bond transcript documents.

Any questions relating to Agency requirements should be discussed with Agency representatives. Bond counsel or local counsel, as appropriate, must furnish at least two complete sets of the following to the applicant, who will furnish one complete set to the Agency:

(a) Copies of all organizational documents;

(b) Copies of general incumbency certificate;

(c) Certified copies of minutes or excerpts from all meetings of the governing body at which action was taken in connection with the authorizing and issuing of the bonds;

(d) Certified copies of documents evidencing that the applicant has complied fully with all statutory requirements incident to calling and holding a favorable bond election, if one is necessary;

(e) Certified copies of the resolutions, ordinances, or other documents such as the bond authorizing resolutions or ordinances and any resolution establishing rates and regulating use of facility, if such documents are not included in the minutes furnished;

(f) Copies of the official Notice of Sale and the affidavit of publication of the Notice of Sale when State statute requires a public sale;

(g) Specimen bond, with any attached coupons;

(h) Attorney's no-litigation certificate;

(i) Certified copies of resolutions or other documents pertaining to the bond award;

(j) Any additional or supporting documents required by bond counsel;

(k) For loans involving multiple advances of Agency loan funds, a preliminary approving opinion of bond counsel (or local counsel if no bond counsel is involved) if a final unqualified opinion cannot be obtained until all funds are advanced. The preliminary opinion for the entire issue shall be delivered at or before the time of the first advance of funds. It will state that the applicant has the legal authority to issue the bonds, construct, operate and maintain the facility, and repay the loan, subject only to changes occurring during the advance of funds, such as litigation resulting from the failure to advance loan funds, and receipt of closing certificates;

(l) Final unqualified approving opinion of bond counsel, (and preliminary approving opinion, if required) or local counsel if no bond counsel is involved, including an opinion as to whether interest on bonds will be exempt from Federal and State income taxes. With approval of the State program official, a final opinion may be qualified to the extent that litigation is pending relating to Indian claims that may affect title to land or validity of the obligation. It is permissible for such opinion to contain language referring to the last sentence of section 306 (a)(1) or to section 309A (h) of the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act (7 U.S.C. 1926 (a)(1) or 1929a (h)).

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