7 CFR § 210.12 - Student, parent, and community involvement.

§ 210.12 Student, parent, and community involvement.
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(a) General. School food authorities shall promote activities to involve students and parents in the Program. Such activities may include menu planning, enhancement of the eating environment, Program promotion, and related student-community support activities. School food authorities are encouraged to use the school food service program to teach students about good nutrition practices and to involve the school faculty and the general community in activities to enhance the Program.

(b) Food service management companies. School food authorities contracting with a food service management company shall comply with the provisions of § 210.16(a) regarding the establishment of an advisory board of parents, teachers and students.

(c) Residential child care institutions. Residential child care institutions shall comply with the provisions of this section, to the extent possible.

(d) Outreach activities.

(1) To the maximum extent practicable, school food authorities must inform families about the availability breakfasts for students. Information about the School Breakfast Program must be distributed just prior to or at the beginning of the school year. In addition, schools are encouraged to send reminders regarding the availability of the School Breakfast Program multiple times throughout the school year.

(2) School food authorities must cooperate with Summer Food Service Program sponsors to distribute materials to inform families of the availability and location of free Summer Food Service Program meals for students when school is not in session.

(e) Local school wellness policies. Local educational agencies must comply with the provisions of § 210.30(d) regarding student, parent, and community involvement in the development, implementation, and periodic review and update of the local school wellness policy.

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