7 CFR § 210.20 - Reporting and recordkeeping.

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§ 210.20 Reporting and recordkeeping.
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(a) Reporting summary. Participating State agencies shall submit forms and reports to FNS to demonstrate compliance with Program requirements. The reports include but are not limited to:

(1) Requests for cash to make reimbursement payments to school food authorities as required under § 210.5(a);

(2) Information on the amounts of Federal Program funds expended and obligated to date (FNS-777) as required under § 210.5(d);

(3) Statewide totals on Program participation (FNS-10) as required under § 210.5(d);

(4) Information on State funds provided by the State to meet the State matching requirements (FNS-13) specified under § 210.17(g);

(5) Results of reviews and audits;

(6) Results of the commodity preference survey and recommendations for commodity purchases as required under § 250.13(k) of this chapter;

(7) Results of the State agency's review of schools' compliance with the food safety inspection requirement in § 210.13(b) by November 15 following each of school years 2005-2006 through 2014-2015, beginning November 15, 2006. The report will be based on data supplied by the school food authorities in accordance with § 210.15(a)(7);

(8) The prices of paid lunches charged by each school food authority; and

(9) For each local educational agency required to conduct a second review of applications under § 245.11 of this chapter, the number of free and reduced price applications subject to a second review, the results of the reviews including the number and percentage of reviewed applications for which the eligibility determination was changed, and a summary of the types of changes made.

(b) Recordkeeping summary. Participating State agencies are required to maintain records to demonstrate compliance with Program requirements. The records include but are not limited to:

(1) Accounting records and source documents to control the receipt, custody and disbursement of Federal Program funds as required under § 210.5(a);

(2) Documentation supporting all school food authority claims paid by the State agency as required under § 210.5(d);

(3) Documentation to support the amount the State agency reported having used for State revenue matching as required under § 210.17(h);

(4) Records supporting the State agency's review of net cash resources as required under § 210.19(a);

(5) Reports on the results of investigations of complaints received or irregularities noted in connection with Program operations as required under § 210.19(a)

(6) Records of all reviews and audits, including records of action taken to correct Program violations; and records of fiscal action taken, including documentation of recoveries made;

(7) Documentation of action taken to disallow improper claims submitted by school food authorities, as required by § 210.19(c) and as determined through claims processing, resulting from actions such as reviews, audits and USDA audits;

(8) Records of USDA audit findings, State agency's and school food authorities' responses to them and of corrective action taken as required by § 210.22(a);

(9) Records pertaining to civil rights responsibilities as defined under § 210.23(b);

(10) Records pertaining to the annual food preference survey of school food authorities as required by § 250.13(k) of this chapter;

(11) Records supplied by the school food authorities showing the number of food safety inspections obtained by schools for the current and three most recent school years.

(12) Records showing compliance with the requirements in § 210.14(e)(5) and records supplied annually by school food authorities showing paid meal prices charged as required by § 210.14(e)(6);

(13) Records to document compliance with the requirements in § 210.14(f); and

(14) Records for a three year period to demonstrate compliance with the professional standards for State directors of school nutrition programs established in § 235.11(h) of this chapter.

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