7 CFR § 215.10 - Reimbursement procedures.

§ 215.10 Reimbursement procedures.

(a) To be entitled to reimbursement under this part, each School Food Authority shall submit to the State agency, or FNSRO where applicable, a monthly Claim for Reimbursement.

(b) Claims for Reimbursement shall include data in sufficient detail to justify the reimbursement claimed and to enable the State agency to provide the Reports of School Program Operations required under § 215.11(c)(2). Unless otherwise approved by FNS, the Claim for Reimbursement for any month shall include only milk served in that month except if the first or last month of Program operations for any year contains 10 operating days or less, such month may be added to the Claim for Reimbursement for the appropriate adjacent month; however, Claims for Reimbursement may not combine operations occurring in two fiscal years. If a single State agency administers any combination of the Child Nutrition Programs, the SFA shall be able to use a common claim form with respect to claims for reimbursement for meals served under those programs. A final Claim for Reimbursement shall be postmarked and/or submitted to the State agency, or FNSRO where applicable, not later than 60 days following the last day of the full month covered by the claim. State agencies may establish shorter deadlines at their discretion. Claims not postmarked and/or submitted within 60 days shall not be paid with Program funds unless FNS determines that an exception should be granted. The State agency, or FNSRO where applicable, shall promptly take corrective action with respect to any Claim for Reimbursement as determined necessary through its claim review process or otherwise. In taking such corrective action, State agencies may make upward adjustments in Program funds claimed on claims filed within the 60 day deadline if such adjustments are completed within 90 days of the last day of the claim month and are reflected in the final Report of School Program Operations (FNS–10) for the claim month which is required under § 215.11(c)(2). Upward adjustments in Program funds claimed which are not reflected in the final FNS–10 for the claim month shall not be made unless authorized by FNS. Downward adjustments in Program funds claimed shall always be made, without FNS authorization, regardless of when it is determined that such adjustments are necessary.

(c) [Reserved]

(d) In submitting a Claim for Reimbursement, each School Food Authority or child-care institution shall certify that the claim is true and correct; that records are available to support the claim; that the claim is in accordance with the existing agreement; and that payment therefor has not been received.

(e) Milk served to adults is not eligible for reimbursement.

(f) Any School Food Authority or child care institution which operates both a nonpricing and pricing milk program in the same school or child care institution, may elect to claim reimbursement for:

(1) All milk purchased and served to children under the Program at the nonpricing rate prescribed in § 215.8(b) (1), or (2) only milk purchased and served to children in the pricing program at the rates prescribed in § 215.8(b) (1) and (2) for pricing programs.

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