7 CFR § 215.11 - Special responsibilities of State agencies.

§ 215.11 Special responsibilities of State agencies.

(a) [Reserved]

(b) Program assistance. Each State agency, or FNSRO where applicable, shall provide Program assistance, as follows:

(1) Consultive, technical, and managerial personnel to administer the Program and monitor performance of schools and child-care institutions and to measure progress toward achieving Program goals.

(2) Visits to participating schools and child-care institutions to ensure compliance with Program regulations and with the Department's nondiscrimination regulations (part 15 of this title), issued under title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. State agencies shall conduct reviews of schools participating in the Program for compliance with the provisions of this part when such schools are being reviewed under the provisions identified under § 210.18 of this title. Compliance reviews of participating schools shall focus on the reviewed school's compliance with the required certification, counting, claiming, and milk service procedures. School food authorities may appeal a denial of all or a part of the Claim for Reimbursement or withholding of payment arising from review activity conducted by the State agency under § 210.18 of this title or by FNS under § 210.30(d)(2) of this title. Any such appeal shall be subject to the procedures set forth under § 210.18(q) of this title or § 210.30(d)(3) of this title, as appropriate.

(3) Documentation of such Program assistance shall be maintained on file by the State agency, or FNSRO where applicable.

(c) Records and reports.

(1) Each State agency shall maintain Program records as necessary to support the reimbursement payments made to child care institutions or School Food Authorities under §§ 215.8 and 215.10 and the reports submitted to FNS under § 215.11(c)(2). The records may be kept in their original form or on microfilm, and shall be retained for a period of three years after the date of submission of the final Financial Status Report for the fiscal year, except that if audit findings have not been resolved, the records shall be retained beyond the three-year period as long as required for the resolution of the issues raised by the audit.

(2) Each State agency shall submit to FNS a final Report of School Program Operations (FNS–10) for each month which shall be limited to claims submitted in accordance with § 215.10(b) and which shall be postmarked and/or submitted no later than 90 days following the last day of the month covered by the report. States shall not receive Program funds for any month for which the final report is not submitted within this time limit unless FNS grants an exception. Upward adjustments to a State agency's report shall not be made after 90 days from the month covered by the report unless authorized by FNS. Downward adjustments shall always be made, without FNS authorization, regardless of when it is determined that such adjustments are necessary. Adjustments shall be reported to FNS in accordance with procedures established by FNS. Each State agency shall also submit to FNS a quarterly Financial Status Report (FNS–777) on the use of Program funds. Such reports shall be postmarked and/or submitted no later than 30 days after the end of each fiscal year quarter. Obligations shall be reported only for the fiscal year in which they occur. A final Financial Status Report for each fiscal year shall be postmarked and/or submitted to FNS within 120 days after the end of the fiscal year. FNS shall not be responsible for reimbursing unpaid program obligations reported later than 120 days after the close of the fiscal year in which they were incurred.

(d) Compliance. State agencies, or FNSROs where applicable, shall require School Food Authorities and child-care institutions to comply with applicable provisions of this part.

(e) Investigations. Each State Agency shall promptly investigate complaints received or irregularities noted in connection with the operation of the Program and shall take appropriate action to correct any irregularities. State Agencies shall maintain on file evidence of such investigations and actions. The Office of Investigation of the Department (OI) shall make investigations at the request of the State Agency or if CND or FNSRO determines investigations by OI are appropriate.

(f) Program evaluations. States, State agencies, and contractors must cooperate in studies and evaluations conducted by or on behalf of the Department, related to programs authorized under the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act of 1966.

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