7 CFR § 215.4 - Payments of funds to States and FNSROs.

§ 215.4 Payments of funds to States and FNSROs.

(a) For each fiscal year, the Secretary shall make payments to each State agency at such times as he may determine from the funds appropriated for Program reimbursement. Subject to § 215.11(c)(2), the total of these payments for each State for any fiscal year shall be limited to the amount of reimbursement payable to School Food Authorities and child care institutions under § 215.8 of this part for the total number of half-pints of milk served under the Program to eligible children from October 1 to September 30.

(b) Each State agency shall be responsible for controlling Program reimbursement payments so as to keep within the funds made available to it, and for the timely reporting to FNS of the number of half pints of milk actually served. The Secretary shall increase or decrease the available level of funding by adjusting the State agency's Letter of Credit when appropriate.

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