7 CFR § 247.8 - Individuals applying to participate in CSFP.

§ 247.8 Individuals applying to participate in CSFP.

(a) What information must individuals applying to participate in CSFP provide? To apply for or to be recertified for CSFP benefits, the applicant or caretaker of the applicant must provide the following information on the application:

(1) Name and address, including some form of identification for each applicant;

(2) Household income;

(3) Household size; and

(4) Other information related to eligibility, such as age

(b) What else is required on the application form? The application form must include a nondiscrimination statement that informs the applicant that program standards are applied without discrimination by race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability. After informing the applicant or caretaker of the applicant of his or her rights and responsibilities, in accordance with § 247.12, the local agency must ensure that the applicant or caretaker signs the application form beneath the following pre-printed statement. The statement must be read by, or to, the applicant or caretaker before signing.

“This application is being completed in connection with the receipt of Federal assistance. Program officials may verify information on this form. I am aware that deliberate misrepresentation may subject me to prosecution under applicable State and Federal statutes. I am also aware that I may not receive CSFP benefits at more than one CSFP site at the same time. Furthermore, I am aware that the information provided may be shared with other organizations to detect and prevent dual participation. I have been advised of my rights and obligations under the program. I certify that the information I have provided for my eligibility determination is correct to the best of my knowledge.

I authorize the release of information provided on this application form to other organizations administering assistance programs for use in determining my eligibility for participation in other public assistance programs and for program outreach purposes. (Please indicate decision by placing a checkmark in the appropriate box.)

YES [ ]
NO [ ]”
(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0584-0293)
[70 FR 47063, Aug. 11, 2005, as amended at 79 FR 38750, July 9, 2014; 85 FR 68721, Oct. 30, 2020]