7 CFR § 275.2 - State agency responsibilities.

§ 275.2 State agency responsibilities.

(a)Establishment of the performance reporting system.

(1) The State agency shall establish a continuing performance reporting system to monitor program administration and program operations. The method for establishing each component of the system is identified and explained in subparts B through F of this part. The components of the State agency's performance reporting system shall be:

(i) Data collection through management evaluation (ME) reviews and quality control (QC) reviews;

(ii) Analysis and evaluation of data from all sources;

(iii) Corrective action planning;

(iv) Corrective action implementation and monitoring; and

(v) Reporting to FNS on program performance.

(2) The State agency must ensure corrective action is effected at the State and project area levels.

(b)Staffing standards. The State agency shall employ sufficient State level staff to perform all aspects of the Performance Reporting System as required in this part of the regulations. The staff used to conduct QC reviews shall not have prior knowledge of either the household or the decision under review. Where there is prior knowledge, the reviewer must disqualify her/himself. Prior knowledge is defined as having:

(1) Taken any part in the decision that has been made in the case; (2) any discussion of the case with staff who participated in the decision; or (3) any personal knowledge of or acquaintance with persons in the case itself. To ensure no prior knowledge on the part of QC or ME reviewers, local project area staff shall not be used to conduct QC or ME reviews; exceptions to this requirement concerning local level staff may be granted with prior approval from FNS. However, local personnel shall not, under any circumstances, participate in ME reviews of their own project areas.

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