7 CFR § 277.16 - Suspension, disallowance and program closeout.

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§ 277.16 Suspension, disallowance and program closeout.

(a) Suspension. When a State agency has materially failed to comply with any of the provisions contained in the Act, regulations, or FNS-approved State Plan of Operation, FNS may, after written notification to the State agency, temporarily withhold some or all Federal reimbursements for costs of administration of SNAP in accordance with § 276.4. Adjustments will be made either by adjusting the Letter of Credit authorization or by not allowing the State agency to withdraw funds.

(b) Disallowance.

(1) FNS may disallow costs in accordance with part 276 and effect nonpayment for some or all costs incurred by a State agency which are normally allowable but are determined by FNS to be nonreimbursable because the State agency has failed to comply with any of the provisions contained in the Act, regulations, or FNS-approved State Plan of Operation.

(2) FNS may also disallow costs and institute recovery of Federal funds when a State agency fails to adhere to the cost principles of this part and 2 CFR part 200, subpart D and USDA implementing regulations 2 CFR part 400 and part 415.

(c) Offsets to the Letter of Credit.

(1) FNS may recover funds when owed by the State agency to FNS through offsets to the Letter of Credit. Offsets shall include:

(i) Costs determined by FNS to be disallowed under the provisions of this part;

(ii) Unallowable costs resulting from audit or investigation findings;

(iii) Amounts owed which have been billed to the State agency and which the State agency has failed to pay without cause acceptable to FNS; or

(iv) Amounts owed to FNS for title IV reimbursements and recipient claims collections which were reported on the FNS–209 and which the State agency has failed to pay.

(2) The amounts recovered through the offset procedure should be in one lump sum. If recovery of funds through the offset procedure is not possible in one lump sum, FNS shall make appropriate adjustments to recover the funds in not more than three fiscal years.

(d) Program transfer or termination.

(1) When termination or transfer of a State program has been agreed upon by FNS, the following closeout procedure shall be observed:

(i) Upon request, FNS shall make or arrange for prompt payment to the State agency for allowable costs not covered by previous payments.

(ii) The State agency shall immediately refund to FNS any unobligated balance of cash withdrawn by the State agency for the administration of the program in the affected State or Indian reservation.

(iii) The State agency shall submit to FNS within 90 days after the date of termination of the program, all required financial, performance, and other reports. FNS may grant extensions when requested by the State agency.

(iv) FNS shall adjust the amount authorized by the Letter of Credit in order to effect payment of any amounts due the State agency, and if appropriate, shall bill the State agency for any amounts due to FNS. The amounts of such billings shall be promptly remitted to FNS.

(v) In the event a final audit has not been performed prior to the closeout of the program, FNS shall retain the right to disallow costs or recover funds resulting from the final audit findings.

(2) Provisions of § 277.13 apply for any property acquired with program funds or received from the Federal Government in connection with the program and which was in use in the affected project area or areas.

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