7 CFR § 3555.354 - Loss claim procedures.

§ 3555.354 Loss claim procedures.

All lenders must use a web-based automated system designated by the Agency to submit all loss claim requests.

(a) Sold property. For property that has been sold, the lender must submit a loss claim within 45 calendar days of the sale. Late claims made beyond this period of time may be rejected or reduced by Rural Development. Instructions and forms may be obtained from Rural Development.

(b) REO. If at liquidation, the title to the property is conveyed to the lender, the lender will submit a loss claim package, including a market value appraisal, within 60 days of the foreclosure sale date or the date the lender acquires title. If eviction action is required in order to obtain a market value appraisal, the lender must submit the loss claim package within 60 days of the date the occupants clear the premises. The lender must order a market value appraisal and include the market value appraisal with the loss claim package. The Agency will use the market value appraisal, along with other Agency required documentation, to determine the property value for the basis of the loss claim. The Agency will apply an acquisition and management resale factor to estimate holding and disposition costs, based on the most current VA Management and Acquisition Factor found at https://www.benefits.va.gov/HOMELOANS/servicers_valeri.asp.

(c) Deficiency judgments. The lender must enforce any judgment for which there are current prospects of collection before submitting a loss claim, and amounts collected must be applied against the outstanding debt. Rural Development will process the loss claim if there are no current prospects for collection.

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