7 CFR 371.11 - Delegations of authority.

§ 371.11 Delegations of authority.

(a)Associate Administrator. The Associate Administrator is delegated the authority to perform the duties and to exercise the functions and powers that are now, or that may become, vested in the Administrator, including the power of redelegation except where prohibited, and including authority reserved to the Administrator in § 371.14 of this part. The Associate Administrator is also authorized to act for the Administrator in the absence of the Administrator.

(b)Deputy Administrators and Directors. The Deputy Administrators of Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ), Veterinary Services (VS), Wildlife Services (WS), Marketing and Regulatory Programs Business Services (MRPBS), Animal Care (AC), and International Services (IS); the Directors of Policy and Program Development (PPD) and Legislative and Public Affairs (LPA); and the officers they designate to act for them, with prior specific approval of the Administrator, are delegated the authority, severally, to perform duties and to exercise the functions and powers that are now, or that may become vested in the Administrator (including the power of redelegation, except where prohibited) except authority that is reserved to the Administrator. Each Deputy Administrator or Director shall be responsible for the programs and activities in APHIS assigned to that Deputy Administrator or Director.

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