7 CFR § 632.20 - Application for assistance.

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§ 632.20 Application for assistance.

(a) Land users must submit an application for program assistance through the local conservation district or NRCS field office. NRCS is to announce dates for receiving applications through local media. Applications are to be reviewed by the conservation district and/or local reclamation committee, which is to verify eligibility and recommend funding priorities to the NRCS district conservationist. The NRCS district conservationist is to assign funding priorities according to the recommendations unless he determines that applications are incomplete, ineligible, or unfeasible. Low priority applications that cannot be serviced within specific time periods established by the State conservationist are to be returned to the applicant with an appropriate explanation. These applicants may reapply at a later date if they are still interested.

(b) Eligible applicants are serviced within each subpriority according to the following criteria:

(1) The specific type, amount, and relative importance of benefits to be derived. (Public benefits and offsite environmental improvement will take precedence over onsite benefits.)

(2) Feasibility and practicability of reclaiming for the proposed uses.

(3) Land user's ability to proceed.

(4) Date of the application.