7 CFR § 632.21 - Reclamation plan.

§ 632.21 Reclamation plan.

(a) Responsibility. Land users are responsible for developing a reclamation plan that will serve as a basis for a contract. Normally, a land user will need the technical services of NRCS and the conservation district or another professional to develop an acceptable plan.

(b) Objectives and priorities. The reclamation plan is to provide for the appropriate program objectives and priorities as stated in §§ 632.2 and 632.12 and meet the definition of a reclamation plan as defined in § 632.4.

(c) Review.

(1) In areas served by conservation districts, reclamation plans are to be reviewed and signed by the district board to insure that planned land use and treatment is compatible with surrounding land uses and that proposed assistance is consistent with the district plan of work and priorities. In areas not served by conservation districts, the land use compatibility review may be performed by the local reclamation committee.

(2) If reclamation plans include lands within or adjacent to Federal lands, the plan is to be reviewed with the appropriate Federal land management agency to insure that the planned land use is compatible with that of the surrounding area.

(3) Land users are responsible for insuring that the proposed land use and treatment is compatible with local land use ordinances.

(d) Approval. Proposed land use, conservation treatment, and sequence of application contained in the plan are to be agreed to by both NRCS and the land user. The district conservationist is to sign the reclamation plan to indicate technical approval.