7 CFR § 7.6 - Establishment of local administrative areas.

§ 7.6 Establishment of local administrative areas.

(a) The Secretary, or the Secretary's designee, may designate local administrative areas within a county or a larger area under the jurisdiction of a county committee.

(1) There will be a minimum of three local administrative areas in each county. In counties that have been combined or consolidated into a multiple county office, there will be 3 to 11 local administrative areas. In single-county offices, there will be three to five local administrative areas. With respect to Alaska and Puerto Rico, the county will be the area so designated by the State committees. In Louisiana, the term “county” applies to parishes.

(2) Each local administrative area will have not more than one elected county committee member.

(3) The boundaries of the local administrative areas will be determined by the State committee after considering recommendations by the county committee in which the local administrative areas are located.

(4) The county committee must give public notice of the local administrative area boundaries in advance of the election and nomination processes.

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