7 CFR § 7.7 - Calling of elections.

§ 7.7 Calling of elections.

(a) The Secretary will establish a county committee in each county or area under the jurisdiction of a multiple county office.

(b) Each election of county committee members must be held on a date, or within a specified period of time, determined by the Deputy Administrator. Each such election must be held in accordance with instructions issued by the Deputy Administrator, and the instructions must be available for public examination in each county office.

(c) If the number of eligible voters voting in any election of county committee members is so small that the State committee determines that the result of that election does not represent the views of a substantial number of eligible voters, the State committee may declare the election void and call a new election. If it is determined by the State committee that the election for any position on a county committee has not been held substantially in accordance with official instructions, the State committee will declare such election void and call a new election.