7 CFR § 718.3 - State committee responsibilities.

§ 718.3 State committee responsibilities.

(a) The State committee shall, with respect to county committees:

(1) Take any action required of the county committee, which the county committee fails to take in accordance with this part;

(2) Correct or require the county committee to correct any action taken by such committee, which is not in accordance with this part; or

(3) Require the county committee to withhold taking any action which is not in accordance with this part.

(b) The State committee shall submit to the Deputy Administrator requests to deviate from deductions prescribed in § 718.109, or the error amount or percentage for refunds of redetermination costs as prescribed in § 718.112.

[61 FR 37552, July 18, 1996, as amended at 80 FR 41994, July 16, 2015]