7 CFR § 718.4 - Authority for farm entry and providing information.

§ 718.4 Authority for farm entry and providing information.

(a) This section applies to all farms that have a tobacco allotment or quota under part 723 of this chapter and all farms that are currently participating in programs administered by FSA.

(b) A representative of FSA may enter any farm that participates in an FSA or CCC program in order to conduct a farm inspection as defined in this part. A program participant may request that the FSA representative present written authorization for the farm inspection before granting access to the farm. If a farm inspection is not allowed within 30 days of written authorization:

(1) All FSA and CCC program benefits for that farm shall be denied;

(2) The person preventing the farm inspection shall pay all costs associated with the farm inspection;

(3) The entire crop production on the farm will be considered to be in excess of the quota established for the farm; and

(4) For tobacco, the farm operator must furnish proof of disposition of:

(i) All tobacco which is in addition to the production shown on the marketing card issued with respect to such farm; and

(ii) No credit will be given for disposing of excess tobacco other than that identified by a marketing card unless disposed of in the presence of FSA in accordance with § 718.109 of this part.

(c) If a program participant refuses to furnish reports or data necessary to determine benefits in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section, or FSA determines that the report or data was erroneously provided through the lack of good faith, all program benefits relating to the report or data requested will be denied.

(d) Program participants requesting program benefits as a beginning farmer or rancher, limited resource farmer or rancher, socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher, or veteran farmer or rancher must provide a certification of their status as a member of one of those groups as required by the applicable program provisions.

[68 FR 16172, Apr. 3, 2003, as amended at 84 FR 45886, Sept. 3, 2019]