7 CFR § 760.1104 - Application for payment.

§ 760.1104 Application for payment.

(a) To apply for 2005-2007 LCP, an application and required supporting documentation must be submitted to the administrative county FSA office.

(b) The application must be filed during the application period announced by the Deputy Administrator for Farm Programs.

(c) Payments may be made for eligible losses suffered by an eligible livestock producer who is now a deceased individual or is a dissolved entity if a representative who currently has authority to enter into a contract, on behalf of the livestock producer, signs the application for payment. Legal documents showing proof of authority to sign for the deceased individual or dissolved entity must be provided. If a participant is now a dissolved general partnership or joint venture, all members of the general partnership or joint venture at the time of dissolution or their duly authorized representatives must sign the application for payment.

(d) Data furnished by the participant will be used to determine eligibility for program benefits. Furnishing the data is voluntary; however, without all required data program benefits will not be approved or provided.

(e) A minor child is eligible to apply for program benefits if all eligibility requirements are met and one of the following conditions exists:

(1) The right of majority has been conferred upon the minor by court proceedings or statute;

(2) A guardian has been appointed to manage the minor's property, and the applicable program documents are executed by the guardian; or

(3) A bond is furnished under which a surety guarantees any loss incurred for which the minor would be liable had the minor been an adult.