7 CFR § 760.1105 - Application process.

§ 760.1105 Application process.

(a) Participants must submit to FSA:

(1) A completed application in accordance with § 760.1104;

(2) Adequate proof, as determined by FSA, that the feed lost:

(i) Was for the claimed eligible livestock;

(ii) Was lost as a direct result of an eligible disaster event during an eligible disaster period specified in § 760.1001;

(iii) Was lost after January 1, 2005, but before February 28, 2007; and

(iv) Occurred in the calendar year for which benefits are being requested; and

(3) Any other supporting documentation as determined by FSA to be necessary to make a determination of eligibility of the participant. Supporting documents include, but are not limited to: verifiable purchase records; veterinarian records; bank or other loan papers; rendering truck receipts; Federal Emergency Management Agency records; National Guard records; written contracts; production records; Internal Revenue Service records; property tax records; private insurance documents; sales records, and similar documents determined acceptable by FSA.

(b) [Reserved]