7 CFR § 760.621 - Requirement to report acreage and production.

§ 760.621 Requirement to report acreage and production.

(a) As a condition of eligibility for payment under this subpart, participants must submit an accurate and timely report of all cropland, non-cropland, prevented planting, and subsequent crop acreage and production for the farm in all counties.

(b) Acreage and production reports that have been submitted to FSA for NAP or to RMA for crop insurance purposes may satisfy the requirement of paragraph (a) of this section provided that the participant's certification of interests submitted as required by § 760.620 corresponds to the report requirements in paragraph (a) of this section, as determined by the FSA county committee.

(c) Reports of production submitted for NAP or FCIA purposes must satisfy the requirements of NAP or FCIA, as applicable. In all other cases, in order for production reports or appraisals to be considered acceptable for SURE, production reports and appraisals must meet the requirements set forth in part 1437 of this title.

(d) In any case where production reports or an appraisal is not acceptable, maximum loss provisions apply as specified in § 760.637.