7 CFR § 760.640 - National average market price.

§ 760.640 National average market price.

(a) The Deputy Administrator will establish the National Average Market Price (NAMP) using the best sources available, as determined by the Deputy Administrator, which may include, but are not limited to, data from NASS, Cooperative Extension Service, Agricultural Marketing Service, crop insurance, and NAP.

(b) NAMP may be adjusted by the FSA State committee, in accordance with instructions issued by the Deputy Administrator and as specified in § 760.641, to recognize average quality loss factors that are reflected in the market by county or part of a county.

(c) With respect to a crop for which an eligible participant on a farm receives assistance under NAP, the NAMP will not exceed the price of the crop established under NAP.

(d) To the extent practicable, the NAMP will be established on a harvested basis without the inclusion of transportation, storage, processing, marketing, or other post-harvest expenses, as determined by FSA.

(e) NAMP may be adjusted by the FSA State committee, as authorized by The Deputy Administrator, to reflect regional variations in price consistent with those prices established under the FCIA or NAP.

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