7 CFR § 958.42 - Assessments.

§ 958.42 Assessments.

(a) The funds to cover the committee's expenses pursuant to § 958.40 shall be acquired by the levying of assessments upon handlers as provided in this subpart. Each handler who handles onions as the first handler thereof which are inspected pursuant to this part shall pay assessments to the committee upon demand, which assessments shall be in payment of such handler's pro rata share of such expenses.

(b) Assessments shall be levied upon handlers at rates established by the Secretary. Such rates may be established upon the basis of the committee's recommendations or other available information.

(c) At any time during or subsequent to a given fiscal period, the committee may recommend the approval of an amended budget and an increase in the rate of assessment. Upon the basis of such recommendation, or other available information, the Secretary may approve an amended budget and increase the rate of assessment. Such increase shall be applicable to all onion shipments inspected pursuant to this part during such fiscal period.