7 CFR § 958.43 - Accounting.

§ 958.43 Accounting.

(a) All funds received by the committee pursuant to the provisions of this part shall be used solely for the purposes specified in this part.

(b) The Secretary may at any time require the committee, its members and alternates, employees, agents, and all other persons to account for all receipts and disbursements, funds, property, or records for which they are responsible. Whenever any person ceases to be a member or alternate of the committee, he shall account for all receipts, disbursements, funds, and property (including, but not being limited to, books and other records) pertaining to the committee's activities for which he is responsible, and deliver all such property and funds in his hands to such successor, agency, or person as may be designated by the Secretary, and shall execute such assignments and other instruments as may be necessary or appropriate to vest in each such successor, agency, or person as may be designated by the Secretary the right to all of such property and funds and all claims vested in such person.

(c) The committee may make recommendations to the Secretary for one or more of the members thereof, or any other person, to act as a trustee for holding records, funds, and any other committee property during periods of suspension of this part, or during any periods when regulations are not in effect; and, if the Secretary determines such action appropriate, he may direct that such person or persons shall so act as trustee or trustees.