7 CFR § 958.47 - Research and development.

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§ 958.47 Research and development.

(a) The committee with the approval of the Secretary, may establish or provide for the establishment of projects involving production research, marketing research and development projects, and marketing promotion including paid advertising, designed to assist, improve, or promote the marketing, distribution, consumption or efficient production of onions. Any such project for the promotion and advertising of onions may utilize an identifying mark which shall be made available for use by all handlers in accordance with such terms and conditions as the committee, with the approval of the Secretary, may prescribe. The expenses of such projects shall be paid from funds collected pursuant to § 958.42 or § 958.46.

(b) In recommending projects pursuant to this section the committee shall give consideration to the following:

(1) The expected supply of onions in relation to market requirements;

(2) The supply situation among competing areas and commodities;

(3) The anticipated benefits from such projects in relation to their costs;

(4) The need for marketing research with respect to any market development activity; and

(5) The need for a coordinated effort with USDA's Food Marketing Alert or other similar programs.

(c) If the committee should conclude that a program of research or development should be undertaken, or continued, in any crop year, it shall submit the following for the approval of the Secretary:

(1) Its recommendations as to the funds to be obtained pursuant to § 958.42 or § 958.46;

(2) Its recommendation as to any research projects; and

(3) Its recommendation as to promotion activity and paid advertising.

(d) Upon conclusion of each activity, but at least annually, the committee shall summarize and report the results of such activity to its members and to the Secretary.

[41 FR 36196, Aug. 27, 1976]