7 CFR § 958.56 - Safeguards.

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§ 958.56 Safeguards.

(a) The committee, with the approval of the Secretary, may prescribe adequate safeguards to prevent onions shipped,

(1) Pursuant to § 958.53 or § 958.54; or

(2) To commercial dehydrators for processing by such dehydrators into dehydrated onion products,

from entering channels of trade for other than the purpose authorized therefor.

(b) The committee, with the approval of the Secretary, may also prescribe rules and regulations governing the issuance, and the contents, of Certificates of Privilege if such certificates are prescribed as safeguards by the committee. Such safeguards may include requirements that:

(1) Handlers shall first file applications with the committee to ship such onions;

(2) Handlers shall obtain inspection provided by § 958.60, or pay the pro rata share of expenses provided by § 958.42, or both, in connection with such onions; and

(3) Handlers shall obtain Certificates of Privilege from the committee prior to effecting the particular onion shipment.

(c) The committee may rescind any Certificate of Privilege, or refuse to issue any Certificate of Privilege to any handler if proof is obtained that onions shipped by him for the purposes stated in the Certificate of Privilege were handled contrary to the provisions of this part.

(d) The Secretary shall have the right to modify, change, alter, or rescind any safeguards prescribed and any certificates issued by the committee pursuant to the provisions of this section.

(e) The committee shall make reports to the Secretary, as requested, showing the number of applications for such certificates, the quantity of onions covered by such applications, the number of such applications denied and certificates granted, the quantity of onions handled under duly issued certificates, and such other information as may be requested.