7 CFR § 985.42 - Accounting.

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§ 985.42 Accounting.

(a) Excess funds. At the end of a marketing year, funds in excess of the year's expenses may be placed in an operating reserve not to exceed approximately one marketing year's operational expenses or such lower limits as the Committee, with the approval of the Secretary, may establish. Funds in such reserve shall be available for use by the Committee for expenses authorized pursuant to § 985.40. Funds in excess of those placed in the operating reserve shall be refunded to handlers: Provided, That any sum paid by a first handler in excess of that handler's pro rata share of the expenses during any marketing year may be applied by the Committee at the end of such marketing year to any outstanding obligations due the Committee from such person. Each handler's share of such excess funds shall be the amount of assessments paid in excess of that handler's pro rata share.

(b) Disposition of funds upon termination of order. Upon termination of this part, any funds not required to defray the necessary expenses of liquidation shall be disposed of in such manner as the Secretary may determine to be appropriate: Provided, That to the extent practicable, such funds will be returned pro rata to the first handler from whom such funds were collected.