9 CFR § 108.3 - Preparation of plot plans.

§ 108.3 Preparation of plot plans.

Plot plans shall show all of the buildings on a particular land area, whether or not they are all used for the preparation and initial shipping of biological products: Provided, That, when a great number of buildings are on the same premises, only those surrounding the buildings used for preparation and initial shipping of biological products shall be shown. The presence of the remainder of the buildings may be accounted for by a single statement denoting the total number of such buildings not used for the preparation or shipping of biological products.

(a) Reduce the entire premises to any standard scale on one sheet of paper which meets any of the American standard trimmed sizes. Indicate the scale used.

(b) Clearly mark the boundaries of the licensed premises and indicate what marking denotes the boundaries. Such boundaries shall coincide with some readily apparent perimeter line. Identify all fences, walls, or streets.

(c) Show buildings as reduced dimensional drawings in the proper scale distance relationship with each other.

(d) Number, letter, or otherwise identify all buildings so that they may be correlated with the respective blueprints and legends.

(e) Describe on the plot plan the use of immediate adjacent properties such as, residential area, pasture, box factory, or the like.

(f) Show compass points.

(g) Show date of preparation.

(h) Apply signature of responsible official of the firm.