9 CFR § 108.4 - Preparation of blueprints.

§ 108.4 Preparation of blueprints.

(a) Blueprints, drawn to any suitable scale, on regular blueprint paper or a good grade of white paper of any one of the American standard trimmed sizes shall be acceptable: Provided, That the same scale shall be used for future revisions unless the entire blueprint is revised. Indicate the scale used.

(b) Use a single sheet of paper for each floor of all buildings in which biological products are prepared. Illustrate in detail the areas in each building utilized for such preparation.

(c) If only a portion of a floor is used in the preparation of a biological product, the blueprint shall illustrate the entire floor in essentially the same detail throughout. All functions or activities performed in the remainder of the floor shall be indicated.

(d) Identify the floors if the drawing is not for all floors in a multiple-story building and identify activities on each floor.

(e) Identify all rooms by letters or numbers.

(f) Show the location of important stationary equipment by a suitable code which will be further identified on legends.

(g) Explain on the blueprint or on the legend, by a statement or listing, which rooms are equipped with water outlets, drains, and lighting. Show the location of doors and windows.

(h) Show compass points.

(i) Show building number.

(j) Show date of preparation.

(k) Apply signature of responsible official of firm.