9 CFR § 147.44 - Submitting, compiling, and distributing proposed changes.

§ 147.44 Submitting, compiling, and distributing proposed changes.

(a) Changes in this subchapter may be proposed by any participant, Official State Agency, the Department, or other interested person or industry organization.

(b) Except as provided in § 147.43(d)(4), proposed changes shall be submitted in writing so as to reach the Service not later than 150 days prior to the opening date of the Plan Conference, and participants in the Plan shall submit their proposed changes through their Official State Agency.

(c) The name of the proponent shall be indicated on each proposed change when submitted. Each proposal should be accompanied by a brief supporting statement.

(d) The Service will notify all persons on the NPIP mailing lists concerning the dates and general procedure of the conference. Hatchery and dealer participants will be reminded of their privilege to submit proposed changes and to request copies of all the published proposed changes.

(e) The proposed changes, together with the names of the proponents and supporting statements, will be compiled by the Service and issued in processed form. When two or more similar changes are submitted, the Service will endeavor to unify them into one proposal acceptable to each proponent. Copies will be distributed to officials of the Official State Agencies cooperating in the NPIP. Additional copies will be made available for meeting individual requests.

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