9 CFR § 590.100 - Specific exemptions.

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§ 590.100 Specific exemptions.

(a) [Reserved]

(b) The following are exempt, to the extent prescribed, from the inspection of egg products processing operations in section 5(a) of the Act (21 U.S.C. 1034(a)), provided the conditions for exemption and the provisions of these regulations are met:

(1) The processing and sale of egg products by any poultry producer from eggs of his own flock's production when sold directly to a household consumer exclusively for use by the consumer and members of the household and its nonpaying guests and employees.

(2) The processing in non-official plants, including but not limited to bakeries, restaurants, and other food processors, of certain categories of food products which contain eggs or egg products as an ingredient, as well as the sale and possession of such products. Such products must be manufactured from inspected egg products processed in accordance with the regulations in this part and 9 CFR part 591 or from eggs containing no more restricted eggs than are allowed in the official standards for U.S. Consumer Grade B shell eggs.

[85 FR 68674, Oct. 29, 2020]

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