9 CFR 95.20 - Animal manure.

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§ 95.20 Glue stock; requirements for unrestricted entry.

Glue stock which does not meet the conditions or requirements specified in any one of paragraphs (a) to (c) of this section shall not be imported except subject to handling and treatment in accordance with § 95.21 after arrival at the port of entry:

(a) Glue stock originating in and shipped directly from a region not declared by the Secretary of Agriculture to be infected with foot-and-mouth disease or rinderpest may be imported without other restriction.

(b) Glue stock may be imported without other restriction if found upon inspection by an inspector, or by certificate of the shipper or importer satisfactory to said inspector, to have been properly treated by acidulation or by soaking in milk of lime or a lime paste; or to have been dried so as to render each piece of the hardness of a sun-dried hide.

(c) Glue stock taken from cattle, sheep, goats, or swine slaughtered under national government inspection in a region 4 and in an abattoir in which is maintained an inspection service determined by the Secretary of Agriculture to be adequate to assure that such materials have been removed from animals found at time of slaughter to be free from anthrax, foot-and-mouth disease, and rinderpest, and to assure further the identity of such materials until loaded upon the transporting vessel, may be imported without other restriction if accompanied by a certificate bearing the seal of the proper department of said national government and signed by an official veterinary inspector of such region showing that the therein described glue stock was taken from animals slaughtered in such specified abattoir and found free from anthrax foot-and-mouth disease, and rinderpest.

4 See footnote 2 in § 95.16.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0015)
[28 FR 5981, June 13, 1963, as amended at 48 FR 57472, Dec. 30, 1983; 62 FR 56024, Oct. 28, 1997; 74 FR 66226, Dec. 15, 2009. Redesignated and amended at 78 FR 73003, 73007, Dec. 4, 2013]