9 CFR 95.21 - Hay and straw; requirements for unrestricted entry.

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§ 95.21 Glue stock; importations permitted subject to restrictions.

Glue stock offered for importation which does not meet the conditions or requirements of § 95.20 shall be handled and treated in the following manner after arrival at the port of entry:

(a) It shall be consigned from the coast or border port of arrival to an approved establishment and shall be subject to disinfection by such method or methods as the Deputy Administrator, Veterinary Services may prescribe unless the said establishment discharges drainage into an approved sewerage system or has an approved chlorinating equipment adequate for the proper disinfection of effluents: Provided, however, That upon permission by the Deputy Administrator, Veterinary Services glue stock may be stored for a temporary period in approved warehouses under bond and under the supervision of an inspector: And provided further, That I. T. or in-bond shipments of glue stock may go forward under customs seals from a coast or border port of arrival with the approval of an inspector at said port to another port for consumption entry, subject, after arrival at the latter port, to the other provisions of this section.

(b) It shall be moved from the coast or border port of arrival or, in case of I. T. or in-bond shipments, from the interior port to the establishment in cars or trucks or in vessel compartments with no other materials contained therein, sealed with seals of the Department, which shall not be broken except by inspectors or other persons authorized by the Deputy Administrator, Veterinary Services so to do, or without sealing as aforesaid and with other freight when packed in tight cases or casks acceptable to an inspector at port of entry.

(c) It shall be handled at the establishment under the direction of an inspector in a manner approved by the Deputy Administrator, Veterinary Services to guard against the dissemination of foot-and-mouth disease and rinderpest. It shall not be removed therefrom except upon special permission of the Deputy Administrator, Veterinary Services and upon compliance with all the conditions and requirements of this section relative to the movement of the said glue stock from the port of arrival to the said establishment.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0015)
[28 FR 5981, June 13, 1963, as amended at 59 FR 67134, Dec. 29, 1994. Redesignated and amended at 78 FR 73003, 73007, Dec. 4, 2013]