Sec. 17 AAC 42.130 - Waiver of rents or fees

ยง 17 AAC 42.130. Waiver of rents or fees

Except when awarding a lease, permit, or concession under 17 AAC 42.300 - 17 AAC 42.395, if the commissioner determines that it is in the best interest of the state to do so, the commissioner will waive or reduce the charge, rent, or fee for

(1) an easement, permit, or right-of-way for a public road or a public access way that serves an airport;

(2) a lease, license, easement, right-of-way, or permit granted to a government agency for an activity directly related to the operation of an airport;

(3) a lease or permit for land or building space granted to the Alaska Wing, Civil Air Patrol, except for an activity that is typically offered to the public, other than Civil Air Patrol members, for a fee;

(4) a lounge for members of the United States Armed Forces, the Alaska National Guard, the Alaska Naval Militia, or the Alaska State Militia if a person exempt from taxation under 26 U.S.C. 501(c) operates the lounge; and

(5) a lease or permit for use of land by a municipality for community purposes if

(A) contribution of the airport property enhances public acceptance of the airport in a community in the immediate area of the airport;

(B) community use of the land does not adversely affect the capacity, security, safety, or operations of the airport;

(C) the land would not reasonably be expected to produce fair market revenue to the airport at the time that the community use is contemplated and is not reasonably expected to be needed for an aeronautical use or airport operations in the foreseeable future; and

(D) community use would not preclude future use of the property for airport purposes if the commissioner concludes such future use would provide greater benefits to the airport than continuation of the community use.

(6) an aviation museum.

(Eff. 1/14/2001, Register 157; am 1/17/2016, Register 217, April 2016)

Authority:AS 02.15.020

AS 02.15.060

AS 02.15.090

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