Ariz. Admin. Code § R6-6-2005 - Acute Care - Solicitation of Service from Health Plans

A. The Division shall solicit proposals from providers of acute care services. The Division shall include at least the following information in the request for proposals;
1. The time and date set for the proposal opening;
2. The address of the office at which proposals are to be received;
3. The period during which the offer contained in the proposal will remain open;
4. The service description, covered populations, geographic coverage, specifications, and a delivery or performance schedule;
5. The contract terms and conditions, including bonding or other security requirements, if applicable;
6. A provision for the award of contracts by category of member or service in order to secure the most financially advantageous offers for the state;
7. A provision that each submitted proposal describe each category of member, type of service, and geographic area the offeror will cover in the proposed contract;
8. A provision for a procedure allowing the Division to request voluntary price reduction of offers from only those offerors the Division has tentatively selected for award, before the final award or rejection of proposals;
9. The factors to be used in the evaluation;
10. The location and method for obtaining documents that are incorporated by reference in the Division's request for proposals;
11. The requirement that the offeror acknowledge receipt of all amendments issued by the Division;
12. The type of services required and a description of the work involved;
13. The type of contract to be used and a copy of a proposed contract form or provisions;
14. The estimated length of time during which services will be required;
15. A requirement for cost or pricing data;
16. The minimum information that an offeror shall submit with a proposal; and
17. A provision requiring that an offeror to certify that the submission of the proposal does not involve collusion or other anti-competitive practice.
B. The Division shall conduct discussions with qualified offerors to provide information about, and assure full understanding of, and responsiveness to, the request for proposals.
C. The Division shall accord offerors fair treatment with respect to any opportunity for discussion and revision of proposals, and may permit such revisions after submissions and before award of the contract for the purpose of obtaining best and final offers.
D. Prior to the award of the contract, the Division shall not disclose information derived from proposals submitted by competing offerors.
E. The Division may request voluntary price reduction of offers contained in the submitted proposals before the final award or rejection of proposals.
F. The Division may issue one or more written requests for a best and final offer to responsive offerors, which shall set forth the date, time, and place for the submission of this offer. If the offeror does not submit a notice of withdrawal or a best and final offer in response to the Division's request, the Division shall use the offeror's most recent offer as the best and final offer.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R6-6-2005
Adopted effective March 7, 1983 (Supp. 83-2). Section repealed, new Section adopted effective August 29, 1991 (Supp. 91-3). Former Section R6-6-2005 renumbered to R6-6-2004, new Section R6-6-2005 renumbered from R6-6-2006 effective September, 30, 1993, under an exemption from A.R.S. Title 41, Chapter 6 (Supp. 93-3). Former Section R6-6-2005 recodified to R6-6-2205; new Section R6-6-2005 recodified from R6-6-1905 at 9 A.A.R. 36, effective December 13, 2002 (Supp. 02-4).

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