Ariz. Admin. Code § R7-2-301 - Minimum Course of Study and Competency Goals for Students in the Common Schools

Current through Register Vol. 48, No. 14, April 8, 2022

A. Students shall demonstrate competency as defined by the State Board-adopted academic standards, at the grade levels specified, in the following required subject areas. District and charter school instructional programs shall include an ongoing assessment of student progress toward meeting the competency requirements. These shall include the successful completion of the academic standards in at least reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies, as determined by district and/or statewide assessments.
1. English language arts;
2. Mathematics;
3. Science;
4. Social Studies; including:
a. Civics; and
b. Instruction on the Holocaust and other genocides at least once in either grade seven or grade eight;
5. The Arts, which may consist of two or more of the following: visual arts, dance, theatre, music or media arts;
6. Health/Physical Education, including mental health. Mental health instruction may be included as part of other subject areas and shall comply with A.R.S. § 15-701.02.
B. The local governing board or charter school may prescribe course of study and competency requirements for promotion that are in addition to or higher than the course of study and competency requirements the State Board of Education prescribes. Additional subjects may be offered by the local governing board or charter school as options and may include, but are not limited to:
1. Career and Technical Education,
2. Computer Science,
3. Educational Technology,
4. World and Native Languages.
C. Prior to the issuance of a standard certificate of promotion from the 8th grade, each student shall demonstrate competency, as defined by the local governing board, of the State Board of Education adopted academic standards for grade 8 in the subject areas listed in subsection (A).
D. Special education and promotion from the 8th grade.
1. The charter school or local governing board of each school district shall be responsible for developing a course of study and graduation requirements for all students placed in special education programs in accordance with R7-2-401 et seq.
2. Students placed in special education classes in grades K-8 are eligible to receive the standard certificate of promotion without meeting State Board of Education competency requirements.
E. Online and distance education courses may be offered by the local governing board or charter school if the course is provided through an Arizona Online Instruction Program established pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-808.
F. Alternative Demonstration of Competency. Upon request of the student, the local school district governing board or charter school shall provide the opportunity for a student in grades seven and eight to demonstrate competency in the subject areas listed in subsection (A) in lieu of classroom time.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R7-2-301
Former Section R7-2-301 repealed, new Section R7-2-301 adopted effective December 4, 1978 (Supp. 78-6). Amended subsections (A) and (B) effective May 4, 1982 (Supp. 82-3). Amended subsection (B) by adding subsection (10) effective July 26, 1982 (Supp. 82-4). Section repealed, new Section adopted effective April 12, 1993 (Supp. 93-2). Amended effective May 3, 1993 (Supp. 93-2). Amended by exempt rulemaking at 21 A.A.R. 1778, effective 6/23/2014. Amended by exempt rulemaking at 22 A.A.R. 143, effective 8/26/2013. Amended by final exempt rulemaking at 24 A.A.R. 691, effective 2/26/2018. Amended by final rulemaking at 26 A.A.R. 2897, effective 10/26/2020. Amended by final exempt rulemaking at 27 A.A.R. 2694, effective 10/25/2021.

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