Ariz. Admin. Code § R7-2-318 - K through Three Reading Program

A. In this section, unless the context otherwise requires:
1. "Intensive reading instruction" is a proactive instructional approach used to reduce the likelihood of future reading problems by addressing severe and persistent difficulties with learning to read through the use of evidence-based instruction in smaller-group settings, increased instructional time, and increased intensity that is aligned to individual student needs or deficiencies and is driven by ongoing student performance data from a valid assessment tool.
2. "Interventions" are instructional supports provided to students with the purpose of preventing and remediating reading difficulties. These supports are organized in tiers which provide increasing instructional intensity and support with each level.
3. "Motivational assessments" are measures of motivation or attitudes toward reading and produce information to monitor student progress.
4. "Prevention" is instructional support provided to students before students have experienced failure in learning to read.
5. "Remediation" is instructional support provided to students after a student has experienced significant and persistent difficulties in learning to read.
6. "Universal screeners" are very brief measures based on established standardized benchmarks or performance targets developed through extensive research designed to improve accuracy of identifying students who will likely need additional support for meeting grade level reading standards.
B. Prior to the release of monies generated by the K-3 reading support level weight, a school district or charter school assigned a letter grade of C, D or F, or that has more than ten percent of its pupils in grade three who do not demonstrate sufficient reading skills as established by the Board, shall submit to the Department on or before October 1, a comprehensive local education agency K-3 reading program plan, using the format prescribed by the Department. Each school district or charter school assigned a letter grade of A or B shall submit its plan to the Department on or before October 1 in odd numbered years only beginning in 2016-2017.
C. Pursuant to A.R.S. §§ 15-211, 15-701 and 15-704, the K-3 reading program plan submission shall contain the following components for pupils in half-day and full-day kindergarten programs and grades one through three:
1. School literacy contacts, literacy team members and master reading schedules;
2. A list of the staff who reviewed and approved the individual school K-3 reading program plans;
3. Program expenditures for the prior school year and a budget for the current school year regarding the monies used only on instructional purposes intended to improve reading proficiency from the K-3 support level weight and the K-3 reading support level weight;
4. An analysis of the effectiveness of the local education agency's K-3 reading program for the previous school year and plans for improvement for the current school year;
5. Core reading programs which teach the essential components of reading instruction including explicit and systematic phonics pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-704(H)(1), with a description of the frequency and duration of the instruction;
6. Date of last K-3 reading curriculum review for standards alignment;
7. Tier II and Tier III intensive reading intervention programs, including frequency and duration;
8. A sample template of a parental notification letter;
9. Evidence-based intervention and remedial services provided to students; and
10. Evidence of ongoing teacher training based on evidence-based reading research.
D. The local education agency shall submit universal screening data on October 1, winter benchmark data on February 1 and end of year assessment data on June 1 for pupils in kindergarten programs and grades one through three.
E. Each school district or charter school governing body shall submit data for the prior school year on the total number of pupils that were subject to retention, the total number that were promoted, the total number actually retained and the interventions administered pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-701 to the Department no later than October 1 and prior to the release of monies generated by the K-3 reading support level weight.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R7-2-318
New Section made by exempt rulemaking at 23 A.A.R. 1637, effective 5/22/2017. The hyphen between "K-3" and the numeral "3" have been corrected to the words "through three" for consistency in Chapter style and format (Supp. 21-2).

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