Ariz. Admin. Code § R9-19-205 - Establishing a Registered Birth Record for a Foundling

A. Any person born in Arizona who is older than one year and whose birth has not previously been registered can apply to the State Registrar for a delayed birth certificate, except that an application shall not be accepted for a deceased person. Persons whose late birth registration is rejected under R9-19-203 may apply for a delayed birth certificate. The application fee shall be paid at the time of formal application.

B. The application shall be pending until completed or until one year has elapsed from the date of application, whichever is earlier. The date the fee is paid shall be considered the date of formal application. After one year from the date of application all uncompleted registrations shall lapse and the fees forfeited.

C. Any applicant who voluntarily withdraws his request before the lapse date shall be entitled to a full refund. No refund will be made after an application has lapsed.

A. To establish a registered birth record for a foundling, a person who has custody of the foundling shall submit to the State Registrar or the local registrar or deputy local registrar of the registration district where the foundling was found:
1. The following information, in a Department-provided format:
a. The location where the foundling was found, including:
i. If the foundling is a newborn left with a safe haven provider according to A.R.S. § 13-3623.01, the facility where the foundling was found;
ii. If the foundling is not a newborn left with a safe haven provider according to A.R.S. § 13-3623.01, the name or a description of the place where the foundling was found;
iii. If applicable, the street address and the city or town; and
iv. The county;
b. The following information about the foundling:
i. Name given to the foundling;
ii. Approximate date of birth of the foundling, based on the foundling's approximate age;
iii. Sex;
iv. Approximate race of the foundling; and
v. If applicable, the identification number assigned to the foundling by the Department of Child Safety or a person designated by the Department of Child Safety to take custody of the foundling;
c. The date the foundling was found; and
d. The name and address of the person who has custody of the foundling;
2. A written statement attesting to the validity of the information submitted, signed and dated by the person who has custody of the foundling; and
3. A copy of the court order establishing custody, certified by the issuing court.
B. Upon receipt of the information and documents in subsection (A), the State Registrar shall establish a registered birth record for a foundling using the submitted information and include the street address, city or town, and county where the foundling was found as the place of the foundling's birth.


Ariz. Admin. Code § R9-19-205
Amended effective February 20, 1980 (Supp. 80-1). Former Section R9-19-205 renumbered to R9-19-204, new Section R9-19-205 renumbered from R9-19-206and amended effective July 31, 1989 (Supp. 89-3). Adopted by final rulemaking at 22 A.A.R. 1782, effective 10/1/2016.

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