013.05.03 Ark. Code R. § 001 - Park Directive 3070 - Firearms, Explosives, and Fireworks

I. USE OF FIREARMS - The public display of any firearm is prohibited.
A. Persons displaying or discharging firearms may be ejected from the park (see exceptions in Section III and IV ); and/or
B. Firearms may be confiscated (with a receipt given) to be returned to owner upon departure from the park; and /or
C. Unlawful use and/or careless handling will result in criminal arrest and prosecution.

Act 1110 of 2003 was enacted to permit persons to carry a concealed handgun into a public park. Section 1 addresses places in which concealed handguns are not allowed. Among the list of places are "any building wherein a state office is located" and "schools". See also Arkansas Statute 5-73-306.

A. For Arkansas State Parks, these buildings include:

The Bladesmith School at Old Washington

DeGray Lake Resort Lodge and Convention Center

Maintenance Buildings

Marina Sales Offices

Mather Lodge

Museum Buildings with Offices

Ozark Folk Center Lodge Office, Recreation Room, and Gift Shop

All Restaurants / Cafes

Queen Wilhelmina Lodge

Visitor Information Centers.

B. Signs or decals will be posted at the locations listed above indicating that "carrying of a handgun is prohibited". These will be distributed by the Manager of Operations.
C. Persons carrying a concealed handgun must keep it secure and out of sight and must also have in possession the license as well as valid photo identification. The license must be made available to law enforcement officers upon request (Arkansas Statute 5-73-315 ).
D. Excluding law enforcement officers, loaded firearms of any type are prohibited in state parks located on Corps of Engineers property (Ref: Title 36 CFR 327.13 ).

Persons "on a journey" may have firearms on state property (Arkansas Statute 5-73-120 ). However, while on state park / museum property, firearms must be kept unloaded and in a locking device or in a locked vehicle at all times.

The only exception to this rule will be during specified hunting seasons and in designated hunting areas at Hobbs State Park - Conservation Area under cooperative management agreement with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.


The Department currently operates shooting ranges at Hobbs State Park - Conservation Area and the Ozark Folk Center. Firearms and related ammunition are allowed on these ranges, but firearms must be unloaded upon entry and departure from these sites.

A. Ranges operate under National Rifle Association Range Safety Guidelines and/or National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association guidelines. Rules approved by the Manager of Operations will be posted at each location. Compliance with all range rules is mandatory.
B. Shooting clubs hosting events or law enforcement agencies during qualifications will designate a chief range officer (and assistant range officers as appropriate) to maintain a safe and efficient shooting environment.
C. Abuse or violation of range rules will be sufficient reason for park management staff to suspend clubs, groups, or individuals from the shooting range. Those suspended will only be reinstated upon approval of the Manager of Operations or State Parks Director.

The use of explosives of any type is prohibited within state park / museum properties. For construction purposes, special permission for the use of explosives must be obtained from the State Parks Director or Manager of Operations.


To celebrate some national holidays and in conjunction with special events, fireworks programs or special events may be established at a park / museum. However, due to the danger of bodily harm, especially to children, the danger of starting grass fires, and the noise and disturbance to park visitors, the Department of Parks and Tourism prohibits the individual use and display of all types of fireworks. In addition, the sale of fireworks is prohibited in any park /museum store or any concessions inside park / museum boundaries.

Any use of fireworks within the park after a warning is given will result in the confiscation of the items.

Replaces PD 3070 dated July 1, 1975, and

PD 3070.1 dated August 27, 1987

APPROVED BY: ______________________________

GREG BUTTS, DIRECTOR Arkansas State Parks


013.05.03 Ark. Code R. § 001

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