013.05.14 Ark. Code R. § 001 - Hang Gliding and Paragliding Rules and Regulations

Hang gliding and non-motorized paragliding on state park property is permitted at approved sites only. Requests for approval of sites must be submitted to the Director of Arkansas State Parks by park superintendents or others. Requests must include supporting documentation detailing recreational demand analysis and impact on parks' natural and cultural resources, recreation use, facilities, and long term development or master plan. An approved site must have a sign indicating that it is approved for these activities and shall include any restrictions which may apply, such as time-of-day and instructions to check in at park visitor center before the first launch.

A. Each calendar year, before their first flight, hang gliders must register at park visitor center with:
1) Proof of H-3 or P-3 (intermediate level) rating from the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) or equivalent;
2) Proof of at least $1,000,000 personal liability insurance from USHPA or equivalent;
3) A signed Hang Gliding / Paragliding Checklist and Liability Release (see attached).
B. Pilots must notify staff at the park visitor center prior to the first flight each day.
C. Pilots and passengers engaged in tandem flights must be in compliance with all USHPA requirements for this activity. Passengers must register at the park visitor center and submit a signed liability release and checklist (see attachments). A parent or legal guardian must complete the check list and liability release form for all minors; those age seventeen (17) and under.

The following rules and regulations will apply to hang gliding and paragliding in Arkansas State Parks.

A. The launch site will be a designated area approved by the Director of Arkansas State Parks.
B. Landing areas are not on state park property. Maintained in a permanent file at the park visitor center will be a statement from the property owner granting permission for hang gliding and paragliding participants to land on his/her property if a liability release has been signed by each pilot. Vehicles will not be allowed on landing fields. The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism (ADPT) is not responsible for the safety, upkeep or maintenance of landing areas and participants land at their own risk.
C. Park officials will utilize the "Hang Gliding / Paragliding Checklist to approve or disapprove each flyer and passenger.
D. Once each year, pilots and passengers must sign the checklist and liability release (see attachments).
E. Prior to the first flight on each day they fly, pilots must notify staff at the park visitor center.
F. Pilots must be a current member of a United States Hang Gliding / Paragliding Association.
G. Pilots must meet one of the following criteria: Pilot advanced rating H-4 or P-4 or above; or pilot intermediate rating, advanced accompanied: H-3 or P-3; or pilot intermediate rating in addition to completing 5 (five) hours or more of flying and 10 (ten) separate flights as intermediate: H-3 or P-3.
H. When requested, pilots shall allow park officials to review the pilot's flight log book.
I. Pilots must wear a helmet and back up chute.
J. Pilots must fly a glider certified by a Hang Gliders Manufacturers Association, Paragliders Manufacturers Association, or by the equipment manufacturer.
K. Pilots and friends must conduct themselves in a courteous, orderly manner and obey all park rules and regulations.
L. In any and all cases, state park officials have complete and final control and authority over the launch site.

Replaces PD 3075 dated August 19, 1977

Reviewed by the Arkansas Legislative Administrative Rules and Regulations Sub-Committee on June 11, 2014.



-Liability Release

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013.05.14 Ark. Code R. § 001

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