Haw. Code R. § 15-24-28 - Optional relocation payments for displaced persons - individuals and families

Current through February, 2022

(a) In the case of a self-move, the displacee may be paid an amount negotiated between the displacing governmental agency and the displacee not to exceed the lower of two firm bids or estimates obtained by the displacing governmental agency.
(b) In lieu of the payment authorized by § 15-24-4, a displaced individual or family may elect to receive a moving expense allowance, not to exceed $200, plus a dislocation allowance of $100.
(1) The moving expense allowance shall be determined according to the schedules shown in table 1, fixed payment moving cost schedules. Subschedule A applies to any eligible residential displacee who occupies and provides all or most of the furnishings for the dwelling unit from which the displacee is being displaced. Subschedule B applies to tenants who occupy furnished dwelling units (i.e., furnishings are provided by the landlord). In either case, the total fixed schedule payment including both rooms and dislocation allowance cannot exceed $300.
(2) Basements, enclosed porches, attics, separate sheds, and other storage areas of this type can qualify as compensable rooms provided that the areas contain furniture, appliances, or other personal property reasonably equivalent to a routinely furnished room. Bathrooms, hallways, and closets do not qualify and shall not be counted as separate rooms.
(3) If the eligible displacee is conducting a hobby-type or part-time business operation on the residential property, the residential fixed schedule moving cost payment shall include the cost of moving all personal property involved -both residential and business - and no other moving cost payment will be authorized. A displacee involved in a "full-time" business is entitled to a separate business moving cost payment.



SUBSCHEDULE A: Furnishings Owned by Displacee - Including Partly Furnished Units

1 Room 2 Rooms 3 Rooms 4 Rooms 5 Rooms 6 Rooms 7 Rooms 8 or More Rooms
$50 $65 $80 $105 $135 $160 $185 $200

Plus $100 Dislocation Allowance

Maximum payment authorized $300 ($200 moving costs plus $100 dislocation allowance)

SUBSCHEDULE B: Furnishings Owned by Landlord - Fully Furnished Units and Sleeping Rooms

1 Room Each additional room

$25 $10; but not to exceed $200

Plus $100 Dislocation Allowance

Maximum payment authorized $300


Haw. Code R. § 15-24-28
[Eff 2/11/91] (Auth: HRS §§ 206E-4; 206E-10.5) (Imp: HRS §§ 206E-4; 206E-10.5)
§ 15-24-28 is based substantially upon § 15-18-3. [Eff 9/22/84; am 5/11/85; R 2/11/91]

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