Ill. Admin. Code tit. 92, § 442.120 - Definitions

"ANSI" means the American National Standards Institute (11 West 42nd Street, New York NY 10036).

"Body" means the portion of a bus that encloses the occupant and cargo spaces and separates those spaces from the chassis frame, engine compartment, driveline, and other "chassis" components, except certain chassis controls used by the driver.

"Body-on-Chassis" means a completed vehicle consisting of a passenger seating body mounted on a truck type chassis (or other separate chassis) so that the body and chassis are separate entities, although one may reinforce or brace the other.

"Child Check System" means an optional mechanical or electronic monitoring system used for ensuring that no passengers remain on the school bus at the end of a route, a work shift, or the work day. The system shall require the school bus driver to walk to the rear of the bus to deactivate the system before the driver leaves the bus. The vehicle's interior lights must illuminate when the ignition is turned off to assist the driver in seeing in and under the seats during a visual sweep of the bus. (See P.A. 95-0260, effective August 17, 2007.)

"Code" means the Illinois Vehicle Code [625 ILCS 5 ].

"Driver" means every person who drives or is in actual physical control of a vehicle. (Section 1-116 of the Code)

"Empty Weight" means the unloaded vehicle weight; i.e., the weight of a vehicle with maximum capacity of all fluids necessary for operation of the vehicle but without cargo or occupant ( 49 CFR 571.3 ), plus 350 pounds allowance for driver and equipment.

"FMVSS" means the rules and standards set forth in 49 CFR 571 and known as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

"Forward Control" means a configuration in which more than half of the engine length is rearward of the foremost point of the windshield base and the steering wheel hub is in the forward quarter of the vehicle length ( 49 CFR 571.3 ) - includes mid-engine and rear-engine "pusher" buses.

"Gross Vehicle Weight Rating" or "GVWR" means the value specified by the manufacturer as the loaded weight of the school bus. (See Section 1-124.5 of the Code.)

"Incomplete Vehicle" means an assemblage consisting, at a minimum, of frame and chassis structure, power train, steering system, suspension system, and braking system, to the extent that those systems are to be part of the completed vehicle, that requires further manufacturing operations (other than the addition of readily attachable components such as mirrors or tire and rim assemblies or minor finishing operations, such as painting) to become a completed school bus for use in Illinois. (Based on 49 CFR 568.3 )

"Integral Type" bus means a completed vehicle either without separate body and chassis or with body and chassis joined into one unit.

"m", following a numeral, means either "meter" or "meters".

"mm", following a numeral, means either "millimeter" or "millimeters".

"Manufacturer" (unless otherwise indicated at the point of use) means the person or organization whose name follows "MANUFACTURED BY" or "MFD BY" on the label required in Section 442.130(b).

"Multiple Glazed Unit" means two or more sheets of safety glazing material separated by air spaces and assembled in a common mounting (ANSI Z26.1 -1996, no later amendments or editions included).

"Passenger" means every bus occupant who is not the driver.

"SAE" means the Society of Automotive Engineers (400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale PA 15096).

"School Bus" means:

Every motor vehicle, except as provided in this definition, owned or operated by or for any of the following entities for the transportation of persons regularly enrolled as students in grade 12 or below in connection with any activity of such entity:

Any public or private primary or secondary school;

Any primary or secondary school operated by a religious institution; or

Any public, private or religious nursery school.

This definition shall not include the following:

A bus operated by a public utility, municipal corporation or common carrier authorized to conduct local or interurban transportation of passengers when such bus is not traveling a specific school bus route but is:

On a regularly scheduled route for the transportation of other fare paying passengers;

Furnishing charter service for the transportation of groups on field trips or other special trips or in connection with other special events; or

Being used for shuttle service between attendance centers or other educational facilities.

A motor vehicle of the first division.

A motor vehicle designed for the transportation of not less than 7 nor more than 16 persons that is operated by or for a public or private primary or secondary school, including any primary or secondary school operated by a religious institution, for the purpose of transporting not more than 15 students to and from interscholastic athletic or other interscholastic or school sponsored activities. (Section 1-182 of the Code)

"SI" means Systeme International d'Unites (International System of Units); officially abbreviated SI in all languages; the modernized metric system defined in ANSI IEEE-ASTM-SI-10-1997.

The symbol " following a numeral means either "inch" or "inches".

"Type I School Bus" means a school bus with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds. (Section 1-213.4 of the Code)

"Type I-A School Bus" means a term commonly used by school bus manufacturers to classify a certain type of school bus that is a conversion or body constructed upon a van-type or cutaway front-section vehicle with a left side driver's door, designed for carrying more than 10 persons. The Type I-A school bus has a GVWR of more than 10,000 pounds.

"Type II School Bus" meansa school bus with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds or less. (Section 1-213.5 of the Code)


Ill. Admin. Code tit. 92, § 442.120

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