Iowa Admin. Code r. 281-21.73 - Definitions

For the purpose of Division IX, the following definitions shall apply:

"Apprentice" shall mean a worker at least 16 years of age, except where a higher minimum age standard is otherwise fixed by law, who is employed to learn a skilled trade or occupation under the standards of apprenticeship.

"Apprenticeable occupation " is a skilled trade which possesses all of the following characteristics:

1. It is customarily learned in a practical way through a structured, systematic program of on-the-job, supervised training.
2. It is clearly identified and commonly recognized throughout an industry.
3. It involves manual, mechanical or technical skills and knowledge which require a minimum of 2,000 hours of on-the-job work experience.
4. It requires related instruction to supplement on-the-job training.

"Apprenticeship agreement" shall mean a written agreement between an apprentice and the apprentice's employer, or an apprenticeship committee acting as the agent for the employer(s). The agreement contains the terms and conditions of the employment and training of the apprentice.

"Apprenticeship committee " shall mean those persons designated by the sponsor to act for it in the administration of the program. A committee may be "joint," i.e., composed of an equal number of representatives of the employer(s) and of the employees represented by a bona fide collective bargaining agent(s), and is established to conduct, operate, or administer an apprenticeship program and enter into apprenticeship agreements with apprentices. A committee may be "unilateral" or "nonjoint" and shall mean a program sponsor in which a bona fide collective bargaining agent is not a participant.

"Apprenticeship instructor " shall mean an instructor who delivers related and technical instruction in apprenticeship programs and who must meet the department's requirements for career and technical instructors or be recognized as a subject matter expert. It is recommended that all apprenticeship instructors have training in teaching techniques and adult learning styles.

"Apprenticeship program" shall mean a plan containing all terms and conditions for the qualification, recruitment, selection, employment and training of apprentices, including such matters as required under 29 CFR Parts 29 and 30, including the requirement for a written apprenticeship agreement.

"Cancellation " shall mean the termination of the registration or approval status of a program at the request of the sponsor or termination of an apprenticeship agreement at the request of the apprentice.

"Certification" or"certificate" shall mean documentary evidence that at least one of the following has been met:

1. The Office of Apprenticeship has approved a set of National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards developed by a national committee or organization, joint or unilateral, or policy or guideline used by local affiliates, as conforming to the standards of apprenticeship set forth in 29 CFR Section 29.5;
2. A registration agency has established that an individual is eligible for probationary employment as an apprentice under a registered apprenticeship program.
3. A registration agency has registered an apprenticeship program as evidenced by a certificate of registration or other written indicia;
4. A registration agency has determined that an apprenticeship has successfully met the requirements to receive an interim credential; or
5. A registration agency has determined that an individual has successfully completed an apprenticeship.

"Competency " shall mean the attainment of manual or technical skill and knowledge as specified by an occupational standard.

"Employer " shall mean any person or organization employing an apprentice whether or not such person or organization is a party to an apprenticeship agreement with the apprentice.

"Journeyworker " shall mean a worker who has attained a level of skill and competency recognized within an industry as having mastered the skills and competencies required for the occupation.

"Office of Apprenticeship" shall mean the office designated by the Employment and Training Administration to administer the National Apprenticeship System or its successor organization.

"Registration agency" shall mean the Office of Apprenticeship.

"Registration of an apprenticeship agreement" shall mean the acceptance and recording of an apprenticeship agreement by the Office of Apprenticeship as evidence of the apprentice's participation in a particular registered apprenticeship program.

"Related instruction " or"related technical instruction " shall mean an organized and systematic form of instruction designed to provide the apprentice with the core knowledge of the theoretical and technical subjects related to the apprentice's occupation. Such instruction may be given in a classroom through occupational or industrial courses, by correspondence courses of equivalent value, by electronic media, or by other forms of self-study approved by the registration agency.

"Sponsor" shall mean any person, association, committee or organization operating an apprenticeship program and in whose name the program is (or is to be) registered or approved.

"Supplemental instruction " shall mean instruction in non-core-related requirements; for example, job site management, leadership, communications, first aid/CPR, field trips, and new technologies.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 281-21.73
ARC 8646B, lAB 4/7/10, effective 5/12/10

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