01-026 C.M.R. ch. 24, § 6 - Operational and Emergency Equipment Requirements for All Major and Minor Pesticide Storage Facilities

Current through 2022-14, April 6, 2022

A. All pesticide storage facilities shall be kept securely locked at all times, except when authorized personnel are present.
B. Each entrance to the pesticide storage facility shall be prominently posted with the words, "Danger - Pesticide Storage - Keep Out."
C. No smoking shall be allowed in any pesticide storage area. All entrances to the pesticide storage facility shall be posted with signs indicating smoking is not allowed.
D. All pesticide containers shall be stored in a manner that prevents damage and allows inspection for rusting, bulging or leaking. All containers held in storage shall be in good condition and have full labeling intact. Pesticide distributors must conduct periodic inspection of containers for rust and/or leaks.
E. Emergency Equipment
I. All pesticide storage facilities shall be equipped with at least one eye wash station capable of flushing eyes for a minimum of fifteen minutes.
II. All pesticide storage facilities shall be equipped with fire extinguishers that are capable of extinguishing all types of fires that may occur in the pesticide storage facility. These fire extinguishers must be clearly marked as to their fire suppression capabilities. The number and placements of fire extinguishers shall conform with the National Fire Protection Association Standard No. 10.
III. All pesticide storage facilities shall be equipped with spill response and clean-up equipment, including, but not limited to, absorbents, empty containers, brooms and shovels and personal protective equipment for employees.
a. Compatible absorbents for water and oil-based products shall be present in sufficient quantity to clean up two-times the volume of the largest container stored in the facility.
b. Proper personal protective clothing and equipment, as well as training to use that equipment, shall be provided to employees and emergency responders.
c. Pesticide distributors may coordinate the provision of spill response equipment with other facilities in the locality as will as with appropriate municipal safety agencies.
F. Pesticides shall not be stored within 10 feet from products intended for human or animal consumption.


01-026 C.M.R. ch. 24, § 6

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