2 CSR 30-8.020 - Missouri Poultry Improvement Plan (MPIP)-Requirements for Participation and Compliance With the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP)

PURPOSE: The National Poultry Improvement Plan is a state-federal cooperative program for the improvement of poultry and poultry products throughout the country. The Missouri Poultry Improvement Plan is the plan administered in Missouri.

(1) Administration. The plan is administered through a memorandum of understanding between the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (APHIS, USDA) and the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA). The state veterinarian shall sign the memorandum of understanding and shall be responsible for administration of the plan within the state.
(2) Official State Agency. The MDA is recognized as the official state agency (OSA), as the OSA is referred to in the Code of Federal Regulations, 9 CFR Parts 145 - 147. The MDA shall create an OSA review committee to advise the state veterinarian. Participants in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) are eligible to serve on the committee by appointment from the state veterinarian. The members of the review committee shall include at least one (1) participant from each subpart of the NPIP and the contact representative. The supervisor of the poultry program for the MDA shall be the contact representative and the chair of the review committee.
(3) Requirements for Participation in the Missouri Poultry Improvement Plan (MPIP).
(A) New Participants. An application and a signed memorandum of agreement between the participant and the MDA is required. In addition, participants must provide proof that their products will comply with the general provisions and the specific provisions contained in the subpart for which they intend to be certified.
(B) Current Participants. An application and a signed memorandum of agreement between the participant and the MDA is required annually. In addition, participants must have demonstrated to the OSA throughout the preceding twelve (12)-month period that they have complied with the general provisions and the specific provisions contained in the subparts for which they applied.
(4) MPIP Regulations.
(A) All provisions, including definitions, relating to disease surveillance, disease control or testing of birds or premises for the presence of disease, are to be based on and consistent with the provisions of the NPIP published in the Code of Federal Regulations,9 CFR Parts 145 - 147.
(B) All started pullets, baby poultry and hatching eggs marketed in Missouri must originate from flocks and hatcheries participating in the NPIP or an equivalent program.
(C) All participants are required to observe and abide by the regulations pertinent to the continuance of the United States Pullorum-Typhoid Clean State status designated for Missouri by the NPIP.
(5) Disciplinary Action.
(A) If at any time a participant fails to comply with the provisions of the NPIP or the MPIP, s/he may be placed on probation after the case has been examined by the OSA review committee created by the MDA.
(B) NPIP membership shall be revoked when a participant has repeatedly violated provisions of the plan, or when violations have occurred during probation. Revocation of membership shall not be instituted without a recommendation from the OSA and a hearing before the MDA.


2 CSR 30-8.020
AUTHORITY: section 267.560, RSMo 1986.* Original rule filed July 15, 1991, effective Dec. 9, 1991.

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*Original authority 1959.

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