Nev. Admin. Code § 446.748 - Water systems: Generally

Current through March 28, 2022

1. If a mobile unit has a water system, the source and system design must be approved by the health authority.
2. The tank which supplies potable water must be sloped to completely drain. The tank, pump and hoses must be flushed and sanitized before being placed in service after construction, repair or modification and periods during which they were not used.
3. The system must be of sufficient capacity, but not less than 40 gallons (152 liters), to furnish enough hot and cold water under pressure for each of the following procedures, if such procedures occur on the mobile unit:
(a) Food preparation;
(b) Utensil cleaning;
(c) Sanitizing;
(d) Handwashing; and
(e) Mobile-unit cleaning.
4. The water inlet must be located so that it, and any tank vents, will not be contaminated by waste discharge, road dust, oil or grease, and the water inlet must be capped. The water filler hose must be equipped with an approved back-flow prevention device.
5. The water filler hose must be of an approved material and stored with the ends connected or covered when not in use. The water filler hose must not be used for any purpose other than supplying potable water to the mobile unit.
6. The water filler hose must be identified either by color coding or tagging.
7. The water system must be operable under all climatic conditions, including subfreezing temperatures.
8. If a tank is designed with an access port for inspection and cleaning, the opening must be in the top of the tank and flanged upward at least 1/2 inch (13 mm), equipped with a port cover assembly that includes a gasket and a device for securing the cover in place, and flanged to overlap the opening and sloped to drain.
9. Tank vents must be terminated in a downward direction and be covered, screened or equipped with a protective filter if not otherwise protected from windblown dirt and debris.


Nev. Admin. Code § 446.748
Added to NAC by Bd. of Health by R069-10, eff. 12-18-2013

NRS 439.200, 446.940

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