67-11-20-02 - Certificate of completion required

67-11-20-02. Certificate of completion required

Individuals providing speech-language pathology paraprofessional services in school settings from early childhood through grade twelve must hold the North Dakota certificate of completion for speech-language pathology or hold a current restricted educator's professional license for speech-language pathology at the master's degree level issued by the North Dakota education standards and practices board or a current speech-language pathology license issued by the North Dakota state board of examiners on audiology and speech-language pathology.

(Effective December 1, 2003.)

General Authority: NDCC 15.1-02-11, 15.1-02-16, 15.1-32-02, 15.1-32-09, 43-37-03(4)

Law Implemented: NDCC 15.1-02-11, 15.1-32-02, 15.1-32-09, 43-37-03(4); 20 USC 1412(a)(15); 20 USC 6319(c) -(f); 34 CFR 200.58

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